Australian Cool Climate Wine Show

Australian Cool Climate Wine Show at Murrumbateman

The Australian Cool Climate Wine Show began its life in 1999 and was born out of the vision and commitment that a small band of local Murrumbateman region grape growers and winemakers had to create a wine show that was truly dedicated to benchmarking the unique wine styles produced from cool climate wine regions.
Only wines that are produced from grapes grown in cool climates are eligible to enter the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show. For the purposes of judging, the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show Committee defines a cool climate as one that experiences, on average, less than 1600-day degrees during the growing season.

But what's so special about cool climate wines?
While the majority of wine grapes in Australia are grown in warmer regions, many of Australia's super-premium, world class wines come from cooler regions. Experts attribute this to the slow ripening and accumulation of flavours promoted by cool conditions prior to harvest.
Experts acknowledge that wines from cooler climates ripen slower and develop a more elegant fruit. Cooler temperatures mean a longer ripening period, which results in a more even development of flavour and sugar and cool nights also ensure the grapes retain their natural acidity - crucial for wines to taste 'fresh' and to have a chance of ageing.

2014 Show - Key events & dates
The Australian Cool Climate Wine Show week culminates with two major public events:

Awards Presentation from 6.30 pm Friday 26 September. The Murrumbateman Winery, McIntosh Circuit. Substantial canapes and award-winning wines, smart casual. $50 pp and bookings are essential.

The Public Tasting from 11am to 4pm, Saturday 28th September at the Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds Hall. Come and taste the huge variety of wines on show from cool climate regions from around Australia. Tickets are $15 each and bookings are recommended. Free tea and coffee is available for non-tasters. "Lucky Dip" pre-packed cases of mixed wines from the show are available on the day. Please note that only ticket holders can be admitted to the hall and children will not be admitted. There is a grassed area close by for children to play.

For all enquiries and ticket sales for both the Awards Presentation and the Public Tasting phone 02 62270358 or email
.  Stay with us and experience everything the region has to offer and if you’re visiting the region, make sure to stock up at the Murrumbateman Farmers Market every second and fourth Saturday.  Everything from coffee, fruit and veg, pastries, local wine of course, alpacas, all things wood and did we mention coffee? Check out the details at

Show Dates        
2 September - 27 September 2014
Entries Close8 August 2014
Exhibits to arrive by 
16 September 2014
22-26 September 2014
Public Tasting    27 September 2014    11am - 4 pm
Awards Presentation Friday 26 September 2014   - 7 pm